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Thomas Travers

Public Speaker • Advocate • Teacher

Childhood sexual abuse is a systemic problem in our society.  It’s in our homes, schools and institutions.  Understanding its devastating effects on children is the first step in solving this complex issue.

As a speaker, I bring to light how childhood sexual abuse effects every aspect of the human experience.

With a focus on the healing process, I share openly about my abuse, the decades long process of navigating deep emotional, psychological and spiritual wounds and the many steps necessary to move from victim to survivor to thriver.

My talks are suitable for any group interested in the effects of childhood sexual abuse, the healing process and how we as collective communities can help protect the future of our youth.

“”Trauma Talks is centered on the power of speaking and sharing truths.  Listening to Tom tell his story of being sexually molested as a child is a disturbing, yet deep and engaging, testament to immense pain, lengthy journeys, and courageous strength.  Putting words to a story, particularly those that change us so fundamentally, is an act of incredible vulnerability and fortitude.  Tom shares the role that safety, trust, choice, collaboration, and empowerment have had in his road to healing.  In speaking his truth, Tom is authentic and real, as well as profoundly stirring in his work to support and advocate for other survivors..”

Josal Diebold
Host -Trauma Talks

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