William's Place

Conversations about childhood sexual
 and the winding road to recovery

“Thomas Travers is an exceptional speaker with profound insight
into how his experience of childhood sexual abuse has impacted
his life and the lives of other survivors. He is an open book
who leaves no questions unanswered.”


Noelle St.Vil
Assistant Professor
UB School of Social Work


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Thomas Travers

Public Speaker • Advocate • Teacher

Childhood sexual abuse is a systemic problem in our society.  It’s in our homes, schools and institutions.  Understanding its devastating effects on children is the first step in solving this complex issue.

As a speaker, I bring to light how childhood sexual abuse effects every aspect of the human experience.

With a focus on the healing process, I share openly about my abuse, the decades long process of navigating deep emotional, psychological and spiritual wounds and the many steps necessary to move from victim to survivor to thriver.

My talks are suitable for any group interested in the effects of childhood sexual abuse, the healing process and how we as collective communities can help protect the future of our youth.

“Thomas’ ability to convey his experiences and instill empathy in his audience is a true gift.  His story informed my students in the importance of this issue and motivated many to take political action. As a social worker, I think many helping professionals will benefit from hearing Thomas Travers share his story.”

Noelle St.Vil, Assistant Professor
UB School of Social Work

Inspiring & Informative Talks

I bring over 15 years experience teaching yoga, meditation and theater to children and adults.

I freely speak about my experiences navigating a deep sense of disconnect from all that surrounds me and the many tools I have used to heal.

I share personal stories of bliss, adventure and spiritual awakening… and the joy of finding peace at the core of my trauma.

I utilize group activities and storytelling to explore how recovery is possible and how we can all thrive when we simply decide it’s time.


LIsen to Trauma Talks

“”Trauma Talks is centered on the power of speaking and sharing truths.  Listening to Tom tell his story of being sexually molested as a child is a disturbing, yet deep and engaging, testament to immense pain, lengthy journeys, and courageous strength.  Putting words to a story, particularly those that change us so fundamentally, is an act of incredible vulnerability and fortitude.  Tom shares the role that safety, trust, choice, collaboration, and empowerment have had in his road to healing.  In speaking his truth, Tom is authentic and real, as well as profoundly stirring in his work to support and advocate for other survivors..”

Josal Diebold
Host -Trauma Talks

Insight into the Healing Process

Yoga, meditation and spiritual development have been the foundations of my healing process.

I have utilized EMDR and talk therapy to confront and dissolve the deepest of wounds and ultimately forgive the Catholic Church and the people I reached out to for help as a young boy at the height of my abuse.

Travel, nature, stage acting, teaching, fitness, communal living, writing, advocacy, plant medicine and publicly speaking about my experiences have further supported my healing process.

I now find myself in a place of clarity and understanding that the best use of my experiences is to help others along the road by sharing my story.

“Thomas was profoundly effective in helping me connect class content to real life situations.  In our field we will encounter many clients have who have suffered from childhood sexual abuse. Thomas’ insight helps set the stage for true Trauma Informed Care of survivors.  We need to find a way to incorporate Thomas Travers so the entire UB Graduate School of Social Work can hear his message.”

Graduate Student
UB School of Social Work

My story

As a young altar boy, I was raped by a Catholic priest.

My attempts to get help and stop the abuse was met with doubt. Painted as an imaginative little boy seeking attention, I was told that a priest would never do such a thing and I should stop telling lies.

The better part of my adult life has been spent healing the deep emotional, psychological and spirtual wounds that arise out of childhood sexual abuse, and the confusion that emerges when those who are there to protect us turn a blind eye.

Why William's Place?

“William” is my middle name… the little boy inside I’ve had to heal.

“Place” symbolizes the many places I have traveled, both inside and out, on the winding road of healing, recovery and ultimately through acceptance and forgiveness to balance and clarity.

William’s Place,  “Walking hand and hand with the boy inside.” is the title of the book I’m writing and the name of the retreat center I plan to create where people from all walks of life can come and heal through Yoga, meditation, the arts, ecology and community living.

Have you been sexually abused?

We are here to help

As victims, we have a special unspoken kinship…

As survivors, our support of each other is essential…

As thrivers, together we can heal develop balance and peace…

I facilitate support groups for sexual abuse suriviors
and one-on-one meetings in Buffalo, NY.

I work with experienced healers to help you along your path.

Our Wholistic Approach Utilizes:

Nutrition  •  Men’s Health

Support Groups  •  Talk Therapy
EMDR  • Yoga  • Spiritual Development
Meditation  • Acupuncture  •  Massage Therapy


William’s Place Support Group

A wholistic approach for victims of childhood sexual abuse and PTSD

As a collective,  therapists work with you independently to support the process of healing the many issues that arise out of childhood sexual abuse.

Talk and trauma therapy we work directly with your experiences to help resolve the emotional and psychological aspects of your abuse.

Acupuncture and Massage therapy approach the body holistically and help correct many issues associated with PTSD such as: acute / chronic stress, depression, anxiety, insomnia, fatigue, mood and nervous system disorders.

As a fellow survivor, I provide group and one on one support as well  Kundalini yoga and meditation classes that have been the foundation of my healing.

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